[amsat-bb] Re: drake 2880

John Wright ham at g4dmf.co.uk
Wed Feb 24 00:46:54 PST 2010

At 23:26 23/02/2010, you wrote:
>Has any one used the Drake 2880 downconverter on the air.

Not been on the Sats for some time, but when AO40 was alive, I used 
the drake for the downlink.
my experiences are shown at -


 From what I gather, AO51 is a magnitude stronger than AO40 ever was. 
The Drake provided solid copy of Telemetry.

There are links in the article to various pictures I took, including 
a screen-shot of AO40 data on screen, and links to the mod pages for 
some of the many modifications done to that downconvertor.

RIP AO40... Praying for a " Battery Event " on that bird too! 

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