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On 21 Feb 2010 at 11:04, Tim Tuck wrote:

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> On 21/02/2010 7:00 AM, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> > Anybody know for sure if an Elk antenna is an acceptable carry on luggage item?  Disassembled, and rolled up in a bag, for example.
> >
> > Or am I going to have to check it in?
> >
> >    
> Hi Mark,
> Stick it in your suitcase and it will be fine,
> Last time I was in the USA on business I brought one back home to VK  
> with it stuck diagonally across in my suitcase and I had no problems 
> with customs etc.
> regards
> Tim
> -- 
I bring my Arrow a couple of time in my checked luggage. i put the elements in a plastic white plumbing tube with two plastic cap. I wrote 
on the tube "Amateur radio portable antenna (HAM RADIO)" I found the TSA checking card in my suitcase and the electrical tape i put to 
sealed the cap where still there they don't even open the tube.

For the carry on it is another story it is 100% sure that i will be put on the side table to have my carry on checked read suitcase 
completely open with all the carefully stowed stuff put out on the table to be sniffed by the electronic nose and explain in details to the 
TSA agent who is normally not too easy in public relation...

If things seems to get worse just ask to speak his officer in charge. TSA have complaint forms that you can ask it is usually your last 
tool to try to speed up things but thoses trick should be used if you feel the TSA agent is going no where in his checking process aside of 
making you lost time.

Ways to suggest things to TSA agents: "While you check my carry on can i speak to the officer in charge?" Normally this is quite effective 
and Its is even written on   http://www.tsa.gov/what_we_do/civilrights/travelers.shtm here is an excerpt:
During travel: While you are still at the checkpoint, you can ask to speak with a supervisor about the incident. You can also ask to speak 
with the Customer Service Manager for the airport. Depending on the time of day during which you are traveling or the size of the airport, 
the Customer Service Manager may not be readily accessible to you at the airport.

After traveling: You may contact the External Compliance Division of TSA's Office of Civil Rights and Liberties to file a complaint.

Our mailing address is:

    Transportation Security Administration
    Office of Civil Rights and Liberties (TSA-6)
    External Compliance Division
    601 S. 12th Street
    Arlington, VA 20598 

Our email address is:

    TSA.OCR-ExternalCompliance at dhs.gov 

Our new complaint form is under construction. Soon you will be able to complete and submit your complaint online.


Another link of interest


My last advice don't jammed pack you carry on if the TSA agent is facing a lightly pack luggage he is "usually" more "happy" to do his 
job... and things are going normally quite fast but when he have to dig through underwear socks and so on things to get to your radio cable 
plugs earphone apparatus he's a bit less smily and rule number one don't speak just answer his questions with short answers and always look 
at him during his checking operation.

Making him feel he's making you loosing precious time is also not recommended as they have a job to do it is better not to interfere but 
used your own judgement if you feel he's over-zealous. 

I stumble on a "big" TSA women in New York JFK who was checking over an over a stand HT charger and the battery packs
asking a lot of stupid questions about theses items. It escalate to the "Can i speak to the officer in charge" the TSA women was not 
pleased with my request (Look on her face) but she quickly ended up the checking process saying " It's OK do you still want to speak to the 
officer.. i reply no it's Ok also for me she turned back on move away.

P.S. Metal tent spike used as anchored post to hold your antenna supporting pole are also the best way to go on the side table at the 
checking point just put them in your checked luggage.

Happy flight and next time i will tell you my experience using a portable scanner and a GPS aboard...my wife commenting at the end of this 
affair "Next time i will take a seat 10 row away of you i will have an embarrassment free flight..." Just read my hamming is tolerated just 
up to an certain threshold point.


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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