[amsat-bb] Re: Convert grid to County?

wrb wrb at bristor-assoc.com
Sun Feb 21 11:28:23 PST 2010

You might try using SatPC. It allows you to click on the map and then 
displays the grid as you move the cursor. Maybe you can get close using 
that method.

Reid, W4UPD
Amsat:  17002

Michae J. Wolthuis wrote:
> Glen,
> Thanks.  That makes sense, guess no easy way then if a different grid than
> home.
> Mike
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> Since a grid is 1 degree of latitude by 2 degrees of longitude that is going
> to cover a lot of counties in a single grid.  Even going to the 5th and 6th
> place there can be several counties involved.
> For example, my grid is EM12px.  However, that grid identification involves
> both Dallas County, Texas, and Collin County, Texas.  Just a little west of
> me in EM12 there are 3 counties involved, Dallas, Denton, and Collin
> Counties.  Going a little farther west the counties would be Dallas, Denton,
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