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Angelo Glorioso n5uxt at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 20 14:10:43 PST 2010

Hello Colin,

 Thanks so much for the information. I am sure it has something to do with
the frequency turning. Next time the bbs in up, I will try it again.

 As for the deviation, I have use this same rig and tnc with GO-32 and AO-51
when it was in V/U mode. The deviation seems to be fine. I will listen
again and verify this with my HT. Service monitor is not available. Lost it
in Katrina.

 I really miss using the bbs. Love to download the pictures and talking
with friends around the world.

 Anyhow, thanks again for the tips.



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> Angelo,
> Further to Drew's comments I would confirm the 1268.703 uplink.
> One further hint besides deviation and frequency, is to set the TXDelay to
> 1000 milliseconds.
> This will ensure all the switches or relays in the system have settled
> prior to issuing the uplink packet.
> If you find this to be the "issue", reduce the TXDelay in 50 or 100
> milli-second increments till you have reliable acks.
> When AO-51 was flipped and favoured the Southern Hemisphere I was able to
> get acks from horizon to horizon and rarely did it double request. I use 
> 25
> watts output via about 12 metres of 5/8 inch hard-line to a 15 turn
> helical.
> With your system you should do just fine.
> The other issue that Drew commented on was deviation.
> In the absence of test gear, a method I have used, is to listen to the
> audio level on the downlink, then preferably compare your TX signal level
> in the same Transceiver, but a separate RX will suffice. It will be very
> apparent if you are under or over deviating.
> Not very scientific, but when you have limited test gear, its a way
> forward.
> 73
> Colin VK5HI.
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>> I appreciate the helpful hints. I will try it again once it comes back
>> up on 1.2.
>>  Again, thanks for all your efforts in keeping AO-51 one of the leading
>> satellites to use.
>>  My hat off to you!! :-)
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>> > Angelo Glorioso wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I see! As for low usage of the BBS, well, most of the folks that used
>> >> GO-32
>> >> either don't have 1.2g or have not been able to get into the
>> AO-51 BBS
>> >> at all
>> >> since the new configuration was put in place. I have been unable to
>> >> use AO-51 BBS with
>> >> a 70 watts brick on 1.2g, a directives system 23 cm RHCP 12
>> turn helix
>> >> 14.5 dBic gain,
>> >> 1/4 inch heliax coaxial cable after many days of trying. I can into
>> >> AO-51 using voice with
>> >> no problem. I know the frequency is a little off and have tried
>> >> adjusting but no luck.
>> >>
>> >> I just wonder if the BBS was in V/U mode how many more users would
>> >> show up.
>> >> Can a schedule mode be requested for the BBS for V/U???
>> >>
>> >>  Oh well, as you said, it is a low priority.
>> >>
>> > V/U BBS was discontinued because it interfered with control of the
>> > satellite, so no, we won't be scheduling it without the
>> upgrade even if
>> > requested. We have many L/U users on several continents, but it does
>> > require a very good station. The equipment you describe should be
>> > adequate...it's similar to what I use. The deviation and frequency is
>> > very important to be successful. My uplink is about 3 khz high than
>> > listed. Since you have an excellent L/U analog uplink, I'm
>> confident the
>> > devil is in the details with your digital setup.
>> >
>> > We've had a lot of other challenges to keep AO-51 running and healthy
>> > this year and last. I'm sorry if you don't agree with our
>> priorities. I
>> > was working on a more comprehensive explanation to the separate
>> > identical email you sent this morning. You'll have to excuse
>> me if I was
>> > a little kurt in my answer after you pressed the question via -bb.
>> >
>> > 73, Drew KO4MA
>> >
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