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Bill Tynan btynan at beecreek.net
Sat Feb 13 22:22:30 PST 2010

I was shocked and saddened to see Tom's message regarding the passing of 
Pete Hoover.

In addition to those AMSAT connections which Tom mentioned, I want add the 
fact that Pete, in the name of the Hoover Foundation, made a significant 
financial contribution to our efforts on Phase 3D.

When I was asked to become AMSAT's President in late 1991, Doug Loughmiller 
and I made several visits to West Coast hams who we thought might contribute 
to our cause. One of these visits was to Pete Hoover.

That particular visit did not bring immediate results, however several years 
later Pete called me on the phone and offered to match all contributions we 
received for Phase 3D from that time until the end of that year - up to 

As a result, we increased our efforts and informed everyone of the matching 
amount that their contributions would receive.  Therefore, each month, I 
sent a letter to the Hoover Foundation with information on the contributions 
received that month. And every moth we received a check from the Foundation 
for an equal amount. That went on for about six mouths until we had received 
Hoover Foundation checks totaling $106,000.

Pete Hoover and his family foundation certainly made a significant 
contribution to AMSAT-NA's portion of the Phase 3D effort.

I will be among those who morn the loss of this fine and generous member of 
our ham.fraternity.


Bill Tynan, W3XO
LM 10

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> It is with much sadness that AMSAT notes the passing on Feb.4 of Herbert
> "Pete" Hoover III, W6ZH at his home in San Marino, CA. Pete was the
> grandson of former President Herbert Hoover. Pete's W6ZH call was
> inherited from his father who served as ARRL President; Pete's original
> call was W6APW. He was AMSAT Life Member #65.
> In the 1970's, Pete and Bill Eitel (W6UF) saw that AMSAT and amateur
> satellites were a significant wave of amateur radio's future. In
> addition to making substantial contributions, they worked with the ARRL
> to form the ARRL Foundation in 1976. Beginning in 1978 Pete served on
> the ARRL Long Range Planning Committee.
> I remember the hospitality Pete and his wife Meridith showed to Jan King
> (W3GET) and me on several occasions when we dropped by his home in San
> Marino to discuss AMSAT's future.
> Pete was always very active in the American Red Cross. When the Pacsat
> concept was being developed, Harold Price (NK6K) and I called on Pete at
> the Hoover Foundation offices to discuss the concept of a
> store-and-forward messaging satellite to provide medical communications
> to a remote area. At Pete's instigation, we began working with VITA
> (Volunteers in Technical Assistance) and our Pacsat concept bore fruit
> when UoSAT-3 was re-badged as Healthsat-1 (see
> http://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/healthsat-2.htm).
> I last saw Pete at Dayton two years ago. I was in the chow line when I
> heard a "Hey Tom" from a nearby table. Pete was spending most of his
> time at his retirement home on Maui and he looked very fit and had an
> incredible tan! While I was munching on a hamburger we has a great
> face-to-face QSO. He told me that he was still on the air, now using an
> Elecraft radio.
> I'll miss Pete's enthusiasm and friendship. I could always count on his
> thoughtful advice.
> 73 de Tom, K3IO (ex W3IWI
> Additional details on Pete can be found on the ARRL web site at
> http://www.arrl.org/?artid=9426 and in this week's ARRL newsletter
> (http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter/?issue=2010-02-11).
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