[amsat-bb] ND9M Road Trip Update #9

claryco@aol.com claryco at aol.com
Fri Feb 12 05:58:02 PST 2010

We were supposed to leave for DL88 today, but my XYL, Cori, over-exerted herself yesterday and needs to mend today. She'll be raring to go 

Cori's driven all but about 30 of the nearly 5000 miles we've racked up on this trip. We're only about half way, so she deserves a day to kick back.
My apologies to those expecting to pick up the new ones in the Texas panhandle today.

On the brighter side, this actually helps our operating sked as today's AO27, SO50, and AO51 passes allowed very little margin for delays of any 
kind if we expected to operate from the DM71/DM81 line as well as DL79/DM70 with any decent footprint coverage.

All that said, I might be on for the AO27 pass that rises at 13/1923Z, but I'm figuring on being on from DM71/DM81 on that bird's next pass at 

After that, we should be in DM80 by the time SO50 shows up at 14/2224Z. AO51's AOS here immediately follows SO50's LOS, so although AO51 will be at a fairly low elevation here (13 degrees), I'll hit that one too.

Then, an hour later, we should be sitting on the DL79/DM70 line for another SO50/AO51 tandem pass.

>From there, we'll overnight in Alpine, TX (DM80) and should arrive at Big Bend Nat'l Park (DL88) on sunday where we'll camp for two or three days.
Our campsite in DL88 is just a mile from the DL89 line, so while we're there, I'll operate from that line at various times during our stay.

Once we leave Big Bend, I'll be on from DM80, DM90, and several others in south TX as we drive to Brownsville, TX, in EL15; that sked will be posted later.

By the way, I should be on from the DM72/DM82 line later today after all.


Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC
Carlsbad, NM / DM72

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