[amsat-bb] ND9M Road Trip Update #8

claryco@aol.com claryco at aol.com
Thu Feb 11 09:08:11 PST 2010

Today is scheduled as a day off for us while we do tourist stuff locally. 

But depending on available time later in the afternoon, I may run back out 
to the DM72 / DM82 line for either or both of the SO50 and AO51 passes; 
SO50 rises here at 11/2307Z and AO51 pops up at 11/2357Z.

We'll head out tomorrow (Friday) and expect to be at the DM71 / DM81 line 
for the AO27 passes that rise at 12/1950Z (east) and 12/2130Z (west). 

The ambitious part will be getting to the DL79 / DM70 line for the AO51 
pass at 12/2316Z which is quickly followed a few minutes later by SO50. 
Road conditions permitting, we'll get to the line; otherwise, we'll stop 
in either DM80 or DM70 for the back-to-back passes.

If the latter is what evolves, we'll stop in DL79 or on the DL79 / DM70 
line for the AO51 pass at 13/0055Z. But it's only a 20-degree pass for 
that area, so it won't be all that productive. We need to get down to Big 
Bend (DL88) the next day, so we'll figure out when we can come back to 
DL79 to give those who need that grid a reasonable shot at getting it.


Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC
Carlsbad, NM / DM72

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