[amsat-bb] Re: Anybody use a Soft66ADD SDR?

Sebastian w4as at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 10 17:18:36 PST 2010

Robert, this looks like an interesting little device.  I have an SDR-IQ which is great, but expensive compared to this one.

I looked at the kit, and when I saw surface mount ICs, I said no way.  Most people don't have the equipment, eyesight or steady hands to solder a surface mount IC.  Maybe those parts are already soldered in the kit, I really couldn't tell from the web site.

You mention that you haven't been able to get yours to work.  What exactly do you mean; can the software at least see the receiver and control it (change frequencies etc.)?

Please let us know once you get it working.

73 de W4AS

On Feb 10, 2010, at 4:24 PM, Robert Liesenfeld wrote:

> Hi Mark-
> I'm the friend Owen refers to; I just built a Soft66ADI.  I keep meaning to
> do a blog post about it, but I'll summarize here.
> I really liked the form factor of the Soft66; the software-selectable BPFs
> and the fact that the control software is open source really sealed the deal
> for me.  I ordered the unassembled kit, with the aluminum enclosure for
> which it was intended.

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