[amsat-bb] Re: John's take on AO-51

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Tue Feb 9 13:39:16 PST 2010

Aloha All

In general, Hawaii is a very quiet place.
Most passes of AO-51 fly by with no usage. 
Accordingly, signal strength and quality are 
usually quite discernable (assuming no 
anomalous QRM) when QSOs do occur. 

The initial reorientation of AO-51 was very 
apparent here. In general, the bird 
appeared to have less signal strength and 
more fades. It was, SO-50 like.

Since reorientation, it is my impression that
the signal strength has improved significantly
but there remain some fades; especially at 
lower elevations. 

In discussions with KG6NUB and others,
the feeling is that the bird is still in some 
kind of "recovery mode."  To me, "51" 
now seems like its old "self." Fades are 
becoming less prevalent. 

Finally, my knowledge regarding orientation,
reliability and stability of OSCAR satellites
is extremely limited.  The concept of 
"recovery" may not even be applicable.

Perhaps the AO-51 team can
shed some light on the  results of the overall

 73 and Aloha to all. 

robert NH7WN, Honolulu

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