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Tue Feb 9 07:52:18 PST 2010

Does the US government NOT have any plans to launch any more GPS satellites?

Does the existing array of satellites in orbit have any which are not in 
active use, i.e. reserved for future use as backups? As I recall, each 
satellite has two different atomic standards on board, one is on and the 
other is off (or is it 3 independent standards, one rubidium and two of 
something else?). So, how many spare atomic standards on functional 
satellites do we have to keep the aging fleet going?

What is the cost of a GPS satellite launch vs. the cost savings of killing 
off Loran-C?

Sorry if your comments triggered more questions than answers from me...

73 de W0JT

On Feb 9 2010, w6zkh at comcast.net wrote:

> In our aging fleet of GPS Satellites, which are on the brink of dying, 
> and no replacements in sight, wonder what will happen then??
>John W6ZKH 
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> In a series of small ceremonies, the U.S. Coast Guard on Monday shut down 
> Loran-C, a navigation and timing system that has guided mariners and 
> aviators since World War II.
>Clint Bradford, K6LCS 

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