[amsat-bb] Re: New Lindy's QRV

David Ek dave at eksfiles.net
Mon Feb 8 16:26:11 PST 2010

Question for anyone out there: I just built the parasitic Lindy from the 
Feb 2010 QST. What kind of performance (on receive) should I expect from 
it during, say, an AO-51 pass (max EL 83 deg)? I had my Kenwood TH-F6a 
HT connected directly to it (only a few feet of RG-8X coax to the 
antenna) with no preamp, and I only had good copy for a moment here and 
there. Just wondering if I need a preamp or if I need to be suspicious 
of my construction.

tnx & 73,

Dave NK0E


Edward Cole wrote:
I forgot to add that these are patterned after Tony, AA2TX, designs
(UHF version is in Feb. 2010 QST).
My variation was to use pvc sched-40 plastic pipe (white).

The preamp is one of the older DEMI designs that uses a mgf-1302
GasFet with about 0.7 dBNF.  I see about one s-unit of noise when I
turn it on.  There is 4-feet of RG-58 to the UHF Lindy and 60-feet to
the FT-847 from the preamp.  The VHF Lindy has no preamp and is fed
with 60-feet of RG-213.

The VHF Lindy brings up repeaters 70-miles away with 50w, and the UHF
Lindy hears repeaters that far away.  So actually can make a nice
general purpose antenna.

73, Ed

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