[amsat-bb] HO68 Pass

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Mon Feb 8 12:38:57 PST 2010

I copied two stations on SSB at 435.733 for the second half of pass 
#732, 10:30-10:50 utc.  They did not pass call signs while I listened.

I hadn't reprogrammed he FT-847 for SSB so my uplink was on the wrong 
freq. but Rx signals were "arm-chair" until elevation < 10 deg.  Not 
too bad for omni-directional antennas.  I looked up the freq. info 
after the pass and discovered why I didn't hear my self (uplinking at 
145.825).  I now have a separate satellite memory setup for the SSB 
freq. of HO68 (435.740Rx/145.950Tx).

The next pass is for 0020-0105, Feb. 9.  My window will be 
0052-0109utc when HO-38 is mainly over arctic Canada and no footprint 
for lower-48.  It is a ascending pass so I will have about ten min of 
coverage (0055-0105).  Look for me on SSB.

73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
  BP40IQ   500 KHz - 10-GHz   www.kl7uw.com
500-KHz/CW, 144-MHz EME, 1296-MHz EME
DUBUS Magazine USA Rep dubususa at hotmail.com

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