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n4hy n4hy at flex-radio.com
Mon Feb 8 05:53:28 PST 2010

Flex is fully aware that the price of the V/U + the 5000 will limit the 
sales of the V/U. For those already owning the 5000, the V/U together as 
two sixty watt units with high performance and fully capable of full 
duplex operation, and is CHEAPER than the same system assembled from 
DEMI units. Now, you have to already have the 5000 to plug it in so it 
is limited to the 5000.

The Flex equipment is fully capable of supporting external digital 
programs and CAT. Both of these are supported via "virtual connections". 
A pseudo sound card is set up and other programs connect to the pseudo 
sound card to deliver audio to/from the radio. The same thing for CAT 
control: a pseudo com port pair is set up, one at the radio and one at 
the controlling program, to support control of the radio via CAT 
commands. The radio has its own set of commands but implements Kenwood 
commands as well.

I have the USB version of the LVB tracker and the latest model Kenpro 
(5400A) with the relay control lines brought out to the plug. The LVB 
plugs into that plug directly. This is good. I should have remembered 
this because Brooks developed the KCT Tracker and Tuner with the 
interface to Quiktrak at the beginning of our friendship. I used both to 
command the Microsat's in the first days, I should have remembered and 
should have realized that the plugin interface probably became a 
standard when Kenpro did and Yaesu maintained it in the B model.

Thanks Mark!


On 2/7/2010 8:33 AM, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Really, at the risk of oversimplifying, "all" the LVB tracker does is ground pins, so any rotor hardware/interface that works from that principle is set.
> I'm sure lots of us are interested in real world performance and ease of use reports from the Flex with VHF/UHF.  I just wish the blooming thing didn't approach $4-5k.
> Are there any software solutions (or plans) for satellite packet at various speeds, such that a KISS virtual com port is available at different rates?  Otherwise, how does one get the data out of the "magic black box?"
> 73,
> At 10:48 PM 2/6/2010 -0500, n4hy wrote:
>> Thanks to all who answered my (incomplete) email.
>> It is clear to me now that my Kenpro 5400-A, which has an external
>> control on the back, can be made to work with the LVB tracker.
>> After the 2 feet of snow melts, I will be refurbishing the rotator where
>> needed. I am hoping this and the antenna deployment coincides with the
>> arrival of my U/V full duplex 60w on both bands, transverter block
>> arrives from Flex and I get back on satellites again.
>> 73's to all and thanks again for the answers.
>> Bob
>> N4HY

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