[amsat-bb] Re: lvbtracker (or other) and AlfaSpid rotors?

Ryan Caron rcaron at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 01:05:12 PST 2010

I don't have experience with 3rd party controllers but the position 
reporting is fundamentally different. Instead of potentiometers 
indicating the present az/el, there are just pulses indicating when the 
motors have traveled a degree.

So a little more work is associated with keeping track of the heading, 
and I haven't heard of a compatible 3rd party controller, but I don't 
foresee modifying one to do so as particularly challenging.

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> The Alfa Spid price list
> http://alfaradio.ca/docs/AlfaSpid_Price_June15_2009.pdf  indicates that
> the az/el rotor alone is about $600 (CAD) cheaper than the rotor with
> controller. I understand that this controller is a very nice piece of
> kit, and many are quite pleased with, for instance, its mouse
> interface. However, that additional charge moves the purchase from the
> 'maybe one day' to the 'no way Jose' column.
> So I'm wondering if anyone has experience with third-party controllers
> to operate the Alfa Spid rotors. Are they electrically similar to
> other rotors, or is the proprietary controller absolutely necessary?
> 73, Bruce VE9QRP
> -- http://ve9qrp.blogspot.com

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