[amsat-bb] Re: AlfaSpid RAS & Predict

Ryan Caron rcaron at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 13:59:07 PST 2010

Despite EasyComm 2's similarities to GS-232, modifications to Predict's 
source code haven't been successful in controlling the RAS rotator; are 
all the AlfaSpid users here on Nova / SatPC32 / Orbitron?

I gave Alfa Radio a call yesterday and they said that the controller 
appears to flicker when viewed under florescent lighting, so once I 
check that under a good old incandescent it should be fine.

I also picked up one of MFJ's variable voltage supplies, so it is a 
simple matter to observe how the controller does not enjoy lower 
voltages. The flicking I'm talking about is much faster and subtle; the 
multiplexing theory from earlier is a good one.

Ultimately I will run off of a stepped-down AC, probably with a variac 
thrown in. I've always wanted the ability to throttle rotations; the 
start-stop motion has always irked me. Makes the long yagis shake.

I'm looking forward to putting a small (~6ft) dish on this thing, but 
right now the focus is a yagi array (4x 440CP42UG, 2x 2MCP22). I don't 
have the heavy-duty version. Picked it up from Hy-Gain since the 
exchange rate to Canada is not, shall we say, favorable right now.


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> Hi John,
>      Are you using this rotor system for an array of antennas
> or a big dish? If a dish, how large? I noticed their rotors at
> Visalia last year. But didn't ask the reps their thoughts
> about turning a 12 to 16 foot dish. I know there are two
> versions, I think one is heavy duty. Not sure which one
> you are using. Thank You for any additional info.
> 73,
> de KB8VAO, Steve

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