[amsat-bb] Re: Orbitron Help

Bob Christy bob at zarya.info
Sat Feb 6 10:25:00 PST 2010

The 'Toolbox' Icon that can be found on Orbitron's "Main" tab, leads to 
a further set of tabs. One of them is called "Miscellaneous".

The bottom right hand panel of the Miscellaneous tab allows you to set 
the directory that will be used for element sets. If you also tick the 
box marked "Personal TLE directory", it will automatically store 
Spacetrack, Celestrak, element sets there too rather than under the 
Orbitron directory in Windows/Program Files.

The directory you choose can be anywhere you choose such as under "My 
Documents" or the equivalent in later Windows versions.

Bob Christy

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