[amsat-bb] Re: This amateur has had enough of amsat-bb...

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Sat Feb 6 10:25:02 PST 2010

At 08:32 AM 2/6/2010 -0800, k6hx at arrl.net wrote:
> > Only serious business instead of amateur stuff... Again amateur radio 
> apparatus is left on the extreme right lane and probably soon in the
> > ditch if the ISS amateur radio apparatus is not put back in service 
> soon! I asked this question about an hundred times: why they don't put
> > the ISS cross band repeater on? It can run unattended and there is no 
> risk the batteries get down as those in the camera. It will also send
> > the QRP'er away off the other sat as the ISS repeater is very very easy 
> to hear and work too.
> > Great promoting asset collecting floating dust in space.
>Wow, you never know when your threshold will be reached, but this is
>mine.   This list never seems to miss an opportunity to complain about
>the state of affairs, but always seems to miss opportunities to
>actually do anything positive.   I've reached my personal limit of
>grouchery.    Complain all you want from your position in the ditch,
>I'm hitting the road.

Mark, Just ignore him.

I'm sure there isn't dust collecting on the ham equipment we paid good 
money to send up, because the ISS has an extremely good air filtration system.


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