[amsat-bb] Sounds from Space

Matthias Bopp matthias.bopp at gmx.de
Sat Feb 6 02:12:27 PST 2010

Dear AMSAT fellows,

recently I got some additional interesting information and pictures
especially on the early AMSAT satellites and added them to the 
"Sounds from Space" collection at www.dd1us.de. 

Please have a look and hopefully enjoy it.

I am still missing any recordings of the early AMSAT satellites AO-II to
AO-5 and would kindly ask you to double check (maybe also with some older 
Hams which are not participating in this group) whether they might still
have such documents. I bought an old tape recorder in order to be able to
digitize also older tapes. 

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards 55&73



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