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Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
Fri Feb 5 10:27:38 PST 2010

Hello Andras and all 

I feel your pain!  I am the other end of the footprint (CN87wk- Seattle Wa. ) looking into Northern Europe for  dx contacts.  Unfortunately Andras we are about 8775Km apart, which is beyond the footprint.  There are not that many VE stations on AO7.  There are a few VE7's I chat with occasionally, probably still beyond your range.  I talk with Mika fairly regularly, I am still attempting to contact RN1NW, UA1OEJ, G1WPR,PA1TNO, 2E1EUB, and a few others.  There are some KL7's that are on occasionally, KL7XJ, AL1F.  We must remember, "if this were easy, everyone would be doing it"!  Of course everyone has talked with Joe, K3SZGH hihi.  There are several east coast stations within your footprint.  As far as a qso between you and I, we will have to wait for the next HEO.  Good luck with your efforts. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

CN87- Seattle 

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I was calling CQ Canada and CQ Alaska again during two AO-7. I had been doing it many many times. 

Please visit 


where you can see a screenshot of DK1TB's SatPC32 which shows very well how does AO-7 footprint 
buries almost the whole territory of Canada when the old bird is flying above Greenland and I can still hear myself. 

Once upon a time a Canadian fellow answered my call but the question arises: Are the only one station in the whole country which 
uses AO-7 time to time? 

As for the USA I met K3SZH twice. 

At the beginning I always use CW and make Qs with those regulars like UA9CS, OH8MBN, 9A2EY, F2IL, RW9SL, UN7CY 
and Polish and other European stations as well. 

Than I often switch to SSB to pick up G1WPR and I send endless CQs in SSB callnig Canada and DX. 

Sometimes EA8 and similar stations call me back. 

I wonder if more stations could be found from the American continent when AO-7 makes a QSO really easy 
-when there are active stations listening at the satellite. 

gl de ha6nn 

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