[amsat-bb] Calling DX in vain on AO-7

Bato, Andras bato at starjan.hu
Fri Feb 5 09:50:28 PST 2010


I was calling CQ Canada and CQ Alaska again during two AO-7. I had been doing it many many times.

Please visit 


where you can see a screenshot of DK1TB's SatPC32 which shows very well how does AO-7 footprint 
buries almost the whole territory of Canada when the old bird is flying above Greenland and I can still hear myself.

Once upon a time a Canadian fellow answered my call but the question arises: Are the only one station in the whole country which
uses AO-7 time to time?

As for the USA I met K3SZH twice.

At the beginning I always use CW and make Qs with those regulars like UA9CS, OH8MBN, 9A2EY, F2IL, RW9SL, UN7CY 
and Polish and other European stations as well.

Than I often switch to SSB to pick up G1WPR and I send endless CQs in SSB callnig Canada and DX.

Sometimes EA8 and similar stations call me back.

I wonder if more stations could be found from the American continent when AO-7 makes a QSO really easy 
-when there are active stations listening at the satellite.

gl de ha6nn

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