[amsat-bb] FSK transmitter at 1268.9MHz

Jonas Bjarnø sveskemos at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 06:57:26 PST 2010

My Fellow Radioamateurs,

In the last couple of years our group here at DTU in Denmark have been
working hard to realize the communication system for our next cubesat
satellite DTUsat-2. We have developed a full duplex system which has a
38400bps MSK-modulated downlink as well as CW beacon at 2401.835MHz (220mW
output power), and a 9600bps FSK-modulated uplink at 1268.9MHz.

However, we have just completed the uplink section, but have as of yet no
means of conducting a bit error test of the system. In short we have no
means of actually producing a 9600 bps FSK-modulated signal at 1268.9MHz to
test the uplink system with, and it will probably be another 4-6month
before our GNU software defined radio system to do so is completed. As such,
I would like to ask if anyone in the Amsat community has equipment capable
of producing such a signal, or could come up with an idea as to how we
conduct this test in a quick-n-dirty fashion?

Best Regards

Jonas Bjarnoe

DTU Space
Danish Technical University
Elektrovej, Building 237
2800 Lyngby, Denmark

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