[amsat-bb] Upcoming Alaskan HO-68 Activity

RuthAnn Bledsoe ruthann.bledsoe at alaskaair.com
Fri Feb 5 01:26:23 PST 2010

Hello Pete and Al >>>

     Sorry I wasn't able to get on the satellites this evening.  Three out of
four evenings in the current cycle isn't too bad!  I spent the last two days
helping a new ham, Ventis, KL2BL, get on the air.  We built one good 2M ground
plane out of two broken antennas and wired his used IC-27A up to a surplus
power supply.  He checked into the Alaska ARES net this evening and made his
first amateur radio contact.

    Based on the latest HO-68 schedule from Alan, BA1DU, and the attached
Alaskan HO-68 pass tables, there aren't any usable Alaskan evening passes that
occur during periods that the satellite will be up and running.  However...
Alan's activation schedule is only current through February 7th (local evening
of the 6th), so we will just have to wait for his posting of subsequent
operational schedules to see what works out.

     In summary, as soon as you see dates for HO-68 being available on V/U FM
after 0300Z, please look at the attached Alaskan pass tables and call or e-mail
Dale, KL7XJ and Craig, KL4E, to set up a firm schedule for your Alaskan QSOs.

                                        Good Luck & 73,

                                        Craig, KL4E

TEL: ((907) 694-4730
FAX: (907) 696-4730
Cell: (907) 242-4730
E-Mail: craig_bledsoe at ak-prepared.com


Hi Craig I see that you are active in HO68, I will be in our mutual pass
beginning for me at 0343 tonight Thursday night...
Hope to hear you, BP51 is a new one for me GL !!!
Al XE2AT in DL81uu 

Hi Craig,
I heard from N3TL, Tim, on the contacts the past two nights, I would also like
to add AK to my State count, look forward to working you.
73's Pete

"Angelo Glorioso III / N5UXT" <n5uxt at hotmail.com> on Thursday, February 04,
2010 at 4:57 AM -0800 wrote:
>Hi Tim,
> Thanks for the congrats.  I heard  you at the end of the pass too. It was
>really cool. All I need now is Hawaii now and I have
>work all states via satellite.  Any takers in Hawaii listening to the BB???
>73 de Angelo
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>Congratulations Angelo! I heard your contact with Craig. Good for you!
>And thank you, Craig, for being on the passes this week to give folks in the
>lower 48 the opportunity to work Alaska via HO-68.
>Tim - N3TL

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>Subject: Re: Alaska Finally
>Hi Angelo >>>
>    You had a nice signal here in Eagle River, Alaska, this evening in between
>the packet racket.  One more shot via HO-68 in the current sequence tomorrow
>night.  Hope to hear you again!
>                                73,
>                                Craig, KL4E
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>Subject:    [amsat-bb]  Alaska Finally
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>Finally worked Alaska tonight:
>KL4E in BP51 02/04/2010 0402
>Now that is what I call stretching it.
>73 de Angelo

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