[amsat-bb] Orbitron help

Dads w0sat at msn.com
Fri Feb 5 06:44:12 PST 2010

Hi: Some one helped me before with an Orbitron problem but I lost his e- 
mail address.
           The problem is I got a new laptop with Vista
          Everything works except it won,t download the keps on the 
          The strange part it says it is doing the download but it never 
shows the update
           on the sat /Orb info on the program.
              When I first bring the program up on my computer it says to 
update because they are over
            30 days old.
            So I say yes to up date but it   never gets to the program.
             I have worked it this for quite awhile with no success.
              Jerry w0sat 

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