[amsat-bb] AO-51 L/U mode

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Wed Feb 3 14:50:36 PST 2010

Well, tried to work AO-51 tonight during my 2232utc pass, but was 
unsuccessful. I did hear WO3T (FN00) during the pass and was the only 
one I heard. Sounds like this mode (once you over come the transmit 
problems) will be a great quiet mode to work. I didn't really think I'd 
get into the bird with 10 watts and a discone antenna but thought I'd 
try. Looks like its time to get a good 1.2ghz antenna and get it 
installed when I get my arrays put back up.

Anyways, thought I'd let Carmen know he wasn't whistling in the wind and 
that some one did hear him. Sounds good. Really need to get the uplink 
antenna going here.

Reid, W4UPD

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