[amsat-bb] FO-29 Status

Yutaka Murata yutaka.murata at nifty.ne.jp
Wed Feb 3 06:58:18 PST 2010

JARL announced the status of FO-29 on Jan 29th at JARL WEB in Japanese.
This is English translation.

The present conditions (January 29, 2010) of FUJI3 (FO-29)

FUJI3(FO-29) has been stopped the continuous operation and moved to
planed schedule operation because it can not have enough battery charge
current from beginning of November.

The command of JTA (an analog transponder) ON has been sent for a
confirmation examination from the control station at 11:33 on January
27th(UTC).  JH1EKH/1, JR8LWY, VK5HI have reported to us that "FO-29
still works" .  There is a possibility that FO-29 has been working
consecutively after we sent transponder ON command  on January 27.

It is thought that the electricity income and expenditure is improved by
the decrease of the shade rate, and the transponder is working
continuously. If someone has information of telemetry or other working
status related from January 27th 11:30(UTC) to 28th 19:20(UTC), Please
send it to JARL technical section.

In addition, when FO-29 battery power is lower than setting value, a
transmitter becomes OFF automatically by UVC.  If you find the
transponder is getting off, please send the information of transponder
off time and date to JARL technical section.

Please use FO-29 without restriction but use proper uplink power.

Thanks JARL command team.

Yutaka Murata JA1COU

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