[amsat-bb] Free Terminal Emulator query results

Charlie -K3VDB- ceheisler at comcast.net
Tue Feb 2 11:45:18 PST 2010

	Hi Fellows;.....First, I want to thank all who replied to my query.
I got lots of suggestions regarding a Free Terminal program.

	For Andy W5ACM: Thanks for sending me the two Hyper Term files,
I had previously tried that method with out success. Think Win7 64  would
just not play nice with it.

	However, Kevin W5ACM sent me a link to TERMINAL. Thanks Kevin.
It booted and talked to my LVB Tracker "out of the box", even the default
comm stuff was set correctly. ie; I was able to calibrate the LVB with the
rotator in no time. Not sure if I could program the EPROM if I would of
had to.

	When I get time I plan to look at the program called PUTTY as some of
you suggested. From the looks of it, it is more of a full featured program.

	Again, thanks to all
	Charlie K3VDB

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