[amsat-bb] Re: Transit Satellites

Jeff Moore tnetcenter at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 08:51:48 PDT 2010

Bob is loking for possible suggested uses of the satellites.  I have a 
suggestion (I don't know if its workable or not):

How about uploading the latest satellite keps and using the Transit sats to 
update the keps for people that are located in areas where they don't have 
ready access to the Internet like at sea or in places like the Yucatan or 
remote Africa.

You could put a receiver on line with your computer and when the sat is in 
range download the latest keps.  That would give you accurate pass 
predictions allowing you to work the ham sats or download weather info, etc. 
w/o needing the Internet to keep the keps up to date.

What do you think?

Jeff Moore  --  KE7ACY

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