[amsat-bb] July 2010 XE2/WD9EWK videos uploaded to YouTube

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Aug 28 01:25:23 PDT 2010


I just uploaded 3 more videos to my "channel" on YouTube:


from my late July trip to Baja California.  One video from an FO-29 pass
at grid DM21jw on 29 July 2010, and two videos from AO-7 and FO-29 passes
at grid DM22gp on 30 July 2010.  Thanks to the 3 cameramen for capturing 
the video during these passes - David XE2DAK for the FO-29 video at 
DM21jw, Alex XE2BSS/N2IX for the AO-7 video at DM22gp, and Larry KI6YAA 
for the FO-29 video at DM22gp.  All three videos show my normal all-mode
satellite station in operation - two FT-817NDs, Elk Antennas handheld 
2m/70cm log periodic, Heil Traveler headset/mic.

I apologize for the lower video quality in the DM21 video; that video was
made with a Sony 7MP still-photo camera that only makes 320x240 AVI 
videos, while the other two were made using my Nokia N900 phone with a 5MP
(for still photos) camera that makes MP4 files.  I was not thinking fast 
enough to turn on the camera in the N900 down at DM21, so David used the 
other (still-photo) camera to make that video.  

Since I was traveling by myself up in Canada last month, and I have not 
rigged up a tripod that can hold my N900 phone (it does not have the
threaded socket for mounting on camera tripods), I have no video from 
that trip.  I may try to rectify that before I hit the road again in a 
few weeks.  K8YSE's web site has audio from these trips and others where 
I have operated away from home:




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