[amsat-bb] SO-50

Dobarrows dobarrows at aol.com
Fri Aug 27 17:31:47 PDT 2010

Sometimes I have not heard SO-50 on late night passes.  Then I key up 
my transmitter with a 74.4 hz tone.  After that, I key my transmitter 
on and off with a 67hz tone while tuning the receiver set in cw mode 
until I find a carrier that goes on and off with my keying somewhere 
near where I expect the downlink to be.  I then give my station ID and 
change the receive mode to fm.  I know that SO-50 is alive and well.

I don't know if it is well understood, but SO-50's downlink will only 
be on as long as there is a signal in the uplink with the 67hz tone on. 
You let up on the mike and the downlink ceases until someone else 
transmits.  AO27 and AO51 have  continuous carriers when turned on so 
they are easier to locate when there is little activity. (Little 
activity doesn't happen often here in North America on AO27 and AO51).

Dave W8IJ

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