[amsat-bb] Re: SO-50

Sebastian w4as at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 26 11:57:48 PDT 2010

SO-50 is generally quiet during the day for a few reasons.  Many people are at work, and it's also a weak bird that is not as easy to hear as AO-51.  It also requires a PL to turn it on if it's off, and then another PL to use it.

Also many satellite enthusiasts use the TS-2000 which has a birdie on the downlink which can make it difficult, if not impossible to hear.

But it's a great bird with excellent audio.

73 de W4AS

On Aug 26, 2010, at 1:06 PM, Ng, Peter wrote:

> I was also surprised at how quiet SO-50 was during my initial attempts.  I thought there something wrong with my setup.  I find the traffic on SO-50 is very light.  Don't know why...could be the time of day (or night in my case).  I had great help from KC2WQW and W6ZKH.  Regardless of anyone else being on, when you can hear myself on the downlink, you know you're getting through.  have fun! 
> 73's Peter VE7NGP
>> That's true but you would think there would be others on the bird.
>> 73 Matt
>> W5LL
>>> ...
>>> Did you transmit the ON tone? SO-50 is set up so you have to turn it on by
>>> ...
>>> Rick Tejera

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