[amsat-bb] AMSAT at the NASM (Hispanic Heritage Month) - October 16, 2010, First call for volunteers

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 12:55:30 PDT 2010

Hello AMSAT-NA and others,

if you are interested in volunteering for AMSAT outreach activities, please
consider the following event that is being organized by the National Air and
Space Museum in Washington, DC. The last event at the NASM was Space Day,
which included a live ARISS contact and AMSAT display stands with a variety
of equipment and presentations.

Event: Hispanic Heritage Month Family day—Argentina in Air and Space

Location: National Air and Space Museum

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time: 10 AM – 3 PM

I am volunteering to organize AMSAT's participation for the event. Please
contact me through e-mail if you are interested and able to participate in
any form. I will need to know:

* Can you volunteer any exhibition/display resources (pictures, posters,
etc.) ?

* Can you volunteer your time on October 16, 2010 for any portion?

* Can you provide any presentation materials relevant to Argentina in Air
and Space?

* Will you require transportation? etc. etc.

Additional info from NASM:

NASM is looking for AMSAT members who would be interested in talking to the
visitors about satellites.  Because the focus of the day is Argentina, we
are particularly interested in people with expertise in Argentinean
satellites.  Bonus points for members how can discuss Pehuensat-1 because
Pablo de Leon, who was the payload manager, will be a featured speaker at
the event.

Expectations: AMSAT members would set-up tables with equipment, posters, and
other items of interest to visitors.  These tables would be staffed
throughout the day by AMSAT members.  You are welcome to volunteer for a
couple of hours or the whole day.  Free parking will be provided all, and
lunch will be provided for people who volunteer the whole day.

This event will celebrate both the centennial and bicentennial of
Argentina.  For the centennial celebration we will focus on Jorge Newberry
and lighter than air.

For the bicentennial (which is this year) the focus will be on Argentina’s
accomplishments in space.  The linchpin of this portion of the program will
be Pablo de Leon.  He has been involved with a number of projects for the
NASA and CONAE.  Based on his accomplishments a special feature will focus
on space suit design, development and production—ILC Dover has agreed to
bring some of the people who make the actual suits.  I have already outlined
some of his involvement in satellites.  In addition to that, CONAE is
sending a large model of the SAC-D satellite and I am hopeful to have some
the Aquarius team involved as well.

73 de N3RDX

 Samudra Haque

Alexandria, VA 22310

(202) 812-3325

samudra.haque at gmail.com

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