[amsat-bb] Re: AO51 last 2 passes??

Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Sun Aug 22 14:02:24 PDT 2010

Drew, I only tried the ao51 passes yesterday, but will try some other sats
this afternoon. The feed line is Beldin 9913 with the solid conductor. Line
is probably a bit less than 50'. Pretty sure that is not an issue as that is
the same coax line that was connected to the antenna that I normally use
(antenna.us Quadrifilar helix) which has 100+ contacts.

I'm just a Moxon fan and thought the moxi might help the rx issue on my TS
2000. I have either screwed up the phasing lines or some other design issue,
as it tests fine on normal fm. It may not be doing the 'circular
polarization' thing. My tx is a moxi I built and it works pretty well.

SO 50 is coming so I'll give that one a try

73, Ted K7TRK  CN82
Just out of curiosity, can you hear AO-27 or any of the other 
satellites? What are you using for feedline, and how long?

73, Drew KO4MA

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