[amsat-bb] Re: My Satscape is broken

Dobarrows dobarrows at aol.com
Sat Aug 21 07:27:15 PDT 2010


I don't know why you had trouble with HO68.  It took a few days to show 
up in my list (on the Java version).  I kept checking in settings 
->groups -> amateur.  Then one day it was there and I clicked on it and 
checked the favorites box.


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I just checked and the classic version is still available for download 
the Satscape website.

Now for the issue I have with the java version: I just re-downloaded it 
correct the issue with the website move. In both this and the previous
version I had, there is no HO-68. I know it's a new bird, but gotta 
the keps would be in there. Anyone have any ideas?

Clear Skies

Rick Tejera
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Public Outreach Coordinator
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona
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I am using Java version.  It is complaining about a required field
<jnlp> missing from the launch file.

I find that I can't get to www.satscape.co.uk so maybe Satscape is not
able to update itself.

I would be interested in getting the classic version from you.

Dave W8IJ

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Are you using the Java Version or the Classic version?

Personally, I prefer the classic. If you need  I have a copy.

73 Rick

---- Dobarrows <dobarrows at aol.com> wrote:
> I found that my Satscape program would not launch this morning.
> Something about a launch file problem.  Same result on both my mac os
> 10.6 machines.  Anyone else having trouble?
> Dave W8IJ
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