[amsat-bb] Re: Mini Grid Expeditions CP39-CP28

John Boudreau john at newnorth.ca
Wed Aug 18 08:51:04 PDT 2010

Things didn't go quite as planned yesterday from CP39.  The plane was late
and we arrived only 5 minutes before the start of the first HO-68 pass.  I
grabbed my bags and quickly put together the Arrow and got set up.  The
weather was warm and sunny but the wind was gusting to 25 knots.  I had a
hard time hearing the downlink over the roar of the wind, I kept losing
the page in my log book, and I had to miraculously sprout a third arm to
keep the tripod, antennas, and radios from blowing over.  To make matters
worse, I still have a loose connection on the uplink radio antenna jack
which needed to be held just right to get the RF up to the bird.  Somehow
I still managed to get a dozen contacts in the log and about the same
number later on the second pass (which didn't go much better than the
first for all the same reasons).  I finished my work and caught an earlier
flight home so I didn't make the AO-51 pass.

Things are still on for tomorrow from CP28.  There's no option for an
early return so I'll definately be on for all the scheduled passes.

John - VE8EV

> The last AO-51 pass on Thursday from CP28 should read 0115z-0130z
> John - VE8EV
> (corrected schedule below)
>> I'll be travelling tomorrow (Aug 17) to Tuktoyaktuk, NT and will be
>> active
>> on
>> the following passes as VE8EV/P from CP39 :
>> Time-On Time-Off Satellite  Coverage Area
>> 1620z    1635z    HO-68     Europe, North America
>> 1808z    1826z    HO-68     Europe, North America
>> 2138z    2152z    AO-51     North America
>> and then on Thursday (Aug 19) to Aklavik, NT in CP28:
>> 1734z    1752z    HO-68     Europe, North America
>> 1923z    1930z    HO-68     Europe
>> 2111z    2120z    HO-68     Europe
>> 2159z    2212z    AO-51     North America
>> 2336z    2351z    AO-51     North America
>> 0115z    0130z    AO-51     North America
>> 73
>> John - VE8EV

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