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> I have a G5500 controller. Don't have rotator, got separated during SK
phase, bought in car boot sale.
> Will the controller drive 2 separate rotators? mounted appropriately -
don't see, prima facie, why not?
> Please respond on/off -bb, I don't mind, others may be interested.
> 73 de andy g0sfj
Hi Andy, G0SFJ

The controller of a G5500 can drive 2 separate rotators provided that each
rotator has a motor running with 24 volt AC and uses a 500 ohm linear
potentiometer in wich all 3 wires are used i.e. is used as a potentiometer.

Rotators in wich the 500 ohm potentiometer uses only 2 wires as a reostat
are not usable.

As an example you can use a KR-400 for the azimuth and a KR-500 for the
elevation but you must connect to the controller 2 AC electrolitic
capacitors 70 uF or 100 uF 50 volts each.

Connect to the rear of controller one capacitor between terminals E4 and E5
for the elevation and the other one between  terminals A4 and A5 for the

Terminals A1-A2-A3 and E1-E2-E3 of the controller to supply the 500 ohm
potentiometers must be connected as originally designed for the G5500

If you need the schematic diagram for a G5500 and KR-400 and a KR-500
please let me know.

I hope this helps.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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