[amsat-bb] Re: Sat Dishes and P3E Q's

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I am  curious how things are coming along with Phase 3 Express (P3E) as  the
current official websites don't tell me much. The last bit of updates  seem
to be from 2005 with an expected launch date of 2007 - 2008 which was  2 - 3
years ago. Since there's no info about it being active I'm guessing  P3E
hasn't be launched yet.

If you want to get right up to date. (Well, unless there has been a major  
development in the last 10 days)
You can look at the presentation by Peter DB2OS from AMSAT-DL at 
_www.batc.tv_ (http://www.batc.tv)  and select AMSAT 2010 from the film  archive.
No P3E has not been launched yet

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