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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Wed Aug 11 11:33:18 PDT 2010

Hi Andy, WA9WUA

The limit switches SW6 and SW7 are normally closed during the intire
rotation and opens only at 0° and 360°

If your rotator on the bench without the antenna vertical loading runs very
smooth through the entire rotation probably the torque is very weak under
mechanical antenna load because the AC electrolitic capacitor C 34 of
100 uF inside the rotator losted capacity.

Put the rotator into the grips of a vise .Slip a pipe into the boom tube and
while running the rotator try if you are able to stop it with the force of
both your hands.

If the capacitor is OK you must not be able to stop the rotation.Both limit
switches seems to be out of question.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> Hi Dom,
> I have the G5500B on the bench and it runs very smooth through the intire
> rotation. It does travel 360 and to the 90 degree point and keeps
> I think the limit switch on this end of rotation is defective. I will put
> under loaded condition and see if it hangs up. I will not put it back in
> service without opening it up and checking it out. Thank you for your very
> good explanation of the possible problem.
> 73, Andy
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