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On a  sort-of-positive note, Interorbital Systems' website shows that they  
currently have an open CubeSat slot on their December launch, at only  
$12,500.  Unfortunately, it is only to a 310 kM orbit.  A future  launch 
carry payloads to 600 kM.  No price listed for that  launch yet...

George, KA3HSW

Hi George.
I watched the Interorbital presentation at Cal Poly at the weekend. (via  
the web and not in person sadly)
I thought I saw $25,000 on a multiple cubesat launch to 620km.
Perhaps they have an eye on the QB50 (50 cubesats to 320km) and others  
waiting to fly.  It's a big market.
They are starting testing this fall with some sub orbital flights. First  
orbital flight listed for March 2011 but that may slip depending on the  
The presentation is probably available via u-stream /   or  cubesat.com
David  G0MRF

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