[amsat-bb] Mini Grid Expedition CP27

John Boudreau john at newnorth.ca
Thu Aug 5 13:23:11 PDT 2010

I'll be travelling tomorrow to Fort McPherson, NT and will be active on
the following passes as VE8EV/P from CP27 :

Time-On Time-Off Satellite  Coverage Area

1740z    1757z    HO-68     Europe, North America
2017z    2020z    AO-27     North America
2039z    2045z    AO-51     NE USA, Canada
2125z    2134z    HO-68     NW USA, Alaska, Hawaii
2216z    2222z    AO-51     North America

Depending on how quickly I can get all my work done there is a chance I
might run that last AO-51 pass from CP37 on the way home.

This will be the first of a dozen grids up here that I will try to
activate as I travel to different locations on business.  Thanks to John,
K8YSE, for the Arrow and the encouragement to get set up for portable sat

John - VE8EV

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