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Sun Aug 1 16:38:48 PDT 2010

Your chances are very good Mike and HO-68 is an easy one to hear. 

Don't forget AO-27. 

73, John W9EN

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 K8E in EN57 and EN67 (was no subject)‏ 
 - correction

Correction - HO-68 will be in FM/PACSAT mode all week. To those who 
have more experience with FM sats - what are my chances of making 
any QSOs with HTs (5 watts max) and an Arrow antenna? 
Mike, N8MR
If you were on AO-51 this afternoon/early evening, the callsign was K8E. 
We are in EN57 (Eagle Harbor, Michigan) for the week and are planning 
to travel up to EN67 one day this week. It's supposed to rain on Monday, 
so that may be out. 
I am using two HTs and an Arrow Antenna. I don't use FM sats that 
often, so I take it SO-50 and AO-51 are my best choices, since HO-68 is 
in SSB/CW mode this week. 
QSL via N8MR, if you want to confirm. 
Mike, N8MR
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OK what call is correct  K8E or K8EEN AO51 pass at 22:16appx 
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