[amsat-bb] Tracking Unitec-1 (was Japanese Launch May 18)

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UNITEC-1, Negai*", WASEDA-SAT2, KSAT  information

JE9PEL,  Mineo Wakita
Hi all. / Mineo.
Very good to hear Unitec -1 is on schedule. 
I have built a downconverter for 5840 MHz to 1284 or 145MHz and  would like 
to track the satellite on the early part of it voyage to Venus. -  Probably 
only the very early part of the trip with a 1m dish.
However, having read the available information there are still a list of  
problems that need to be resolved. I wonder if the Unitec team, or the group 
may  have an opinion on the following.
1) What polarisation is transmitted from the patches. Linear? Circular?  
etc. I need to select a dish feed.
2) How long will Unitec -1 spend commissioning in LEO ?
3) Is there a tracking utility that can show doppler or even direction  for 
a specific geographic location. Doppler is 'interesting' given  that you 
have the probe travelling away from Earth, the Earth orbiting the sun  and you 
also have the movement due to the rotation of the  Earth?
4) Given the transmissions on 5840 are 30 mins in a 2 hour period, will  
there be an on-line counter predicting when the spacecraft should be in  
transmission mode. (Or a reference time so we can count ourselves?)
5) At what point in the mission will the transmitter be changed from 145  
to 5840MHz.
6) Is there a method of sending telemetry to the team at Tokyo?
I like a challenge.....
Many thanks
David  G0MRF

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