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 I copied the AMSAT-BB with this as sometimes a hint or kink is passed on to

You can use an old seaman's type of drain hole hint.  If the hole is about
1/4" or so, get a piece of string and put a large knot on one end, pass it
through the hole and add another large knot with about an inch or so
protruding.  As the wind blows, it knocks the string around and assists the
draining.  I used it in many a situation with tuners and couplers and even
in satcom domes.  The string acts as a deterrent to things going in and
clears the hole when the wind blows.
Hope this helps...
Dee, NB2F

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Some way must be found to plug the drain holes in such a way that lets the
moisture in and out, and keeps the insects out.
You really do not want to open the box and find a Wasp nest.

73 de Gene  WB2LLP

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