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I am not connected with this fellow.  Just passing this email along, some stuff usable for satellite ops. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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I have the following for sale: 

1. ICOM IC-7000... hf/6/2/440 mobile in excellent condition. 1 year old... Manual, 12 volt pwr cord, Hand microphone, $950.00 

2. Samlex Sec 1223... Switching dc power supply 23 amp at 13.8 Vdc. Brand new in the box  $75.00 

3. T.E System 4452G 430-440 Mhz. solid state amp in good condition 25 watts input 180 output. $450.00 

4. IC-W32A H.T in good condition... Comes with Maha MH-A302 docking power booster amplifer, 144/440 input 1-5 watts 30 watts 
    output 12v dc. No manual.   $185.00 

5. 2 ea. Ameritron RCS-8V antenna relay boxes that mount at the tower, no in door control unit.  $50.00 ea. 

6. SSB SP-2000 Mast mounted 2 meter pre amp   $150.00 

 Prices don't include shipping 

7 3 de N6EQ 
(760) 948-9025 

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