[amsat-bb] Re: Arecibo on 432 MHz Moon Bounce (some calculations)

John Magliacane kd2bd at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 17:41:42 PDT 2010

--- On Thu, 4/22/10, Mark Hammond N8MH <marklhammond at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think we should all use
> hexidecimal.  Or binary :) 

I tell my electronics students that we can express gain or loss in dB by taking the log of power ratios and multiplying by 10, or by taking the log of the voltage or current ratios and multiplying by 20.

If we multiply the log by 16 instead, then the result is expressed in hexadecibels.  :-)

("Hexabels" sounds too much like a made-up word.)

73, de John, KD2BD

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