[amsat-bb] Congratulations to arecibo activation

Juan Antonio Fernandez ea4cyq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 02:41:50 PDT 2010

The day before yesterday I could receive arecibo in SSB and I received
several reports, CQs and ending transmissions such as "over over".

Yesterday I could receive very clear the CW signal, it was a very steadily

When they change to JT65 I called to EB4FXD and he told mo how I had to
configure the software.  The sofltware in an old version could decode 100%.
Pedro EB4DKA could receive the signal witn a single CJU and a THF6, so they
encouraged me to try the contact.

I can´t belive my eyes!, I have never tried an EME contact but with only 20
minutes spare to shut off they sent your report !!!!!!!!.


Thank you vey much indeed to arecibo operators, Pedro EB4DKA y Manuel

Every day this hobby is more fantastic.

My setup is:

- hy-gain 7030SAT with CP installed (15+15CP)
- 90 wats solid amplifier
- preamplifier
- hard line over 35 meters
- And old pentium 2 running JT65

Juan Antonio

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