[amsat-bb] Arecibo grumble

Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
Sun Apr 18 13:44:03 PDT 2010


I have never uttered a controversial word on this bb. This Arecibo event presented us with a fantastic opportunity.  I truly applaud those who set this event up and ran it.  However-the object is to make contacts, and as many as possible in the allotted time.  The CW procedures were laborious, 73's, multiple calls, excessive id'ing.  They needed a top notch cw op.  They used SSB, CW, then JT-65. I was waiting for them to try FM.  Again,  I am grateful for the chance to try to participate in this event.  I learned a great deal in preparing and participating in the process.  Their signal  peaked at 569 using a 910 with 50feet of LMR400 to a 40 el CP yagi set for LHCP.  I am sure the JT-65 mode gave flea powered stations an opportunity.   As I hit this send button they have 40 minutes left.  They might work a few more. grumble!!

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