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David Barber david.barber at dbelectronics.co.uk
Sat Apr 17 12:48:25 PDT 2010

Thanks guys, had a blast.  A brilliant Saturday evening.

Not enough antenna gain or power here to work you but hearing you over the
last two evenings has been very satisfying.  Hope to listen again tomorrow.

Congratulations to all and to those that made it, I heard several UK
stations confirmed.

Best wishes and thank you to you all.




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Hello from Arecibo: 

Update for today (Saturday) : we have diagnosed our amplifier problem and
are hard at work on repairs.  With any luck we should be good for 350-400
W today.  We have also located a power supply for a solid-state amp that
should be good for a bit more power, maybe 500 W.   

Keep your fingers crossed...  we *should* be 10-13 dB louder today. 

Operating plans for today: SSB at first, then CW.  As before, we Tx on
432.045 and Rx on 432.050 - 432.060.   

If we exhaust the CW pileup we will go to JT65B.  In JT65B mode, KP4AO
will transmit first on 432.045.  Please call us between 432.045 and
432.049.  Expected QSO pattern will be like this: 

1. CQ KP4AO FK68 

2.                                KP4AO


4.                                 RO 

5. RRR 

6.                              73 

(... tail-ender...)     KP4AO G4XYZ IO83         


... and so on.  We will not send 73s; please feel free to call us
following our "RRR" transmission, as G4XYZ did in the example above. 

On Sunday we may work any mode, depending on available activity.  We will
certainly be on JT65B for at least half of our Sunday moon window. 

Remember: please limit yourself to one QSO with us, regardless of mode. 

73, Joe, K1JT   ... for the KP4AO team 

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