[amsat-bb] Re: Radios for satellite operations

Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Sat Apr 17 06:07:59 PDT 2010

  Hi Ed,
  I think the K3 is a great radio. My uncle has one and loves it. Sounds 
like you have made an excellent choice for your situation. I can fully 
understand not wanting to lug around a PC ( even a laptop) for portable 
  The only comparison you make that puzzles me is cost. I haven't added 
up the exact prices so I could be a little off but it seems to me that 
the equipment you mention is going to come out about the same price wise 
as the Flex 5K with the V/U module added.
  Of course you would have to add in the cost of the PC but in my home 
station application I already have that here. As you say though, "each 
to his own choice" and I hope you enjoy your new setup. Sounds like a 
nice one.
I agree with the comment about spending so much on ham radio. I intend 
for my 5k to last me the rest of my hamming days and so does my wife!! 
HI HI :-)
Michael, W4HIJ

On 4/17/2010 2:44 AM, Edward Cole wrote:
> Of course, each to his own choice.
> I decided on the K3/10 (10w version of the K3), with subreceiver and
> transverter interface (and a few other goodies) ...total $3000
> Add a new DEMI 144/28 xvtr $500, and later a DEMI 432/28 xvtr kit
> $400.  These are the new design to be released in early June.
> I added a ARR 50-Mhz preamp and building a 300w HF amp kit (cost $150).
> When I have fully investigated running the K3 for full duplex under
> sw control I will consider letting my FT-847 go.  Keeping it for now
> (also because I will not get the 432 xvtr right away).
> Why not the Flex-500 + U/V?  Well, cost is one, and the need to have
> a computer was another.  I will use my 6-lb. K3 for portable mw
> operation (mainly CW) so its size, weight and ability to be fully
> used without toting along a computer.
> Undoubtedly the K3 and Flex-5000 are the top radios in the amateur
> market as far as performance specs.  I've had my K3 for about a month
> and am still learning more about it.  Its a keeper.  (better be as I
> will never spend this much on ham radio, again)
> 73, Ed - KL7UW
> At 06:09 PM 4/16/2010, Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield wrote:
>> Again if price is no object, you should be able to do it with a K3 from
>> Elecraft (using the sub receive and their transverters).
>> 73,
>> Joe kk0sd
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>> The Kenwood TS-2000 and 2000X are still out there. They have an annoying
>> birdie right smack dab on the downlink  of SO-50 and AO-27 but both of
>> those are FM sats. You can work around the birdie with  a preamp but the
>> pass time is shortened a bit because you are waiting for the receive
>> frequency to get  a little bit away from the birdie so you can hear. I
>> don't know of any issues with SSB/CW sats though.
>>    Icom is coming out with a new radio that has HF plus sat capapbility
>> but for the price I've heard you could just about buy a Flex 5000A and
>> add the soon upcoming V/U module for not much more.
>>    The Flex 5000A is cutting edge technology but you have to get over
>> most hams confounded affinity for knobs. I just got my 5000A today. I
>> chose it over replacing the TS-2000X I used to have with another. It
>> will be awhile before I can afford to add the V/U module but I'm willing
>> to wait because IMHO the Flex is head and shoulders above any other
>> radio on the market today.
>> 73,
>> Michael, W4HIJ
>> On 4/16/2010 12:18 PM, Jacob Tennant wrote:
>>> Was wondering today after searching around on the internet, what radios
>> are
>>> people using for satellite operations as I noticed the ICOM IC-910H and
>> the
>>> Yaesu FT-847 are now discontinued?
>>> Was hoping to get into the SSB/CW satellites but was hoping to do it on a
>>> new radio, but it seems the satellite radios are disappearing from the
>>> market.
>>> I do have a Yaesu FT-857D that I am getting setup to do the FM satellites
>>> with and will try the SSB/CW satellites if I can do it with that radio.
>>> Jacob Tennant - K8JWT

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