[amsat-bb] OT-ish - anyone got FT-290 bits?

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Sat Apr 17 00:51:42 PDT 2010

Hi all,
  In order to get onto the linear transponders I picked up a
slight-project Yaesu FT-290 at a rally last weekend.  It's pretty much
working, but the display is faulty.  It pretty much only ever displays a
backwards F, no matter what you do.  Other than that it tunes,
memorises, clarifies and generally seems to behave itself, so I suspect
that the display IC is faulty and the CPU is actually okay.

So, does anyone have a dead FT-[267]90 for spares?  Really, I just need
the display PCB (the LCD seems fine, so I'd take a chance on one with a
broken LCD) or even just the chip.  If I could find spec on the chip I'd
even have a crack at building a replacement controller.

Feel free to reply offlist if you don't want to noise up the list with
radio fixing chatter.

Gordon MM0YEQ

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