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> Hello
> Should I be so lucky as to connect with Arecib o this weekend, what is the
> proper protocol for a QSO?
> 73 Bob W7LRD
> Seattle
Hi Bob W7LRD

An effective method of reporting and confirming signal reports helps in
completing information exchanges .

The following system was currently in use on CW reports when I was on
432 MHz EME early 1977-1980 with an array of 16 x 21 element yagi
and 1 kW

T     =   signal detected
M    =   letters or portions of call copied
O    =   both calls and report copied
MT =   nearly solid copy
5     =   solid copy, no need for code

By this system as an example a series of OOO  OOO OOO  plus both calls
received at both ends and confirmed with RRR estabishes a contact.

I dont know is the above procedure is still in use but if you use it be sure
to be understud by the Arecibo very expert old timer EME operators.

There is a reason to use the above procedure that is avoid using code
characters requiring dots such as the letters I, E, S and H and the
numbers 2 to 7

By the way since we hope to receive Arecibo we will see what procedure
they actually will use in real life.

If available on your receiver use the CW 500 Hz filter.

Good luck and 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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